Recently I explained how the Prioritize Your Life project would highlight stories of all shapes and sizes, as long as it falls in line with our mission. Experiences that move us and make us all want to live a better life with no regrets is what we’re all about. The determination of Stefanie and Rasmus to fight for their dream despite all the struggles they’ve endured is astounding. Fight for your dream!

The Castello Di Ristonchi. This is Stefanie and Rasmus's dream! They are fighting for it, even after two catastrophic events. A terrible explosion and the global pandemic.
They will not give up on their dream! This is the beautiful Castello Di Ristonchi in Italy

This interview came about by sheer chance. I still don’t know how, but I stumbled on a Facebook post that Stefanie put up about her experience. We weren’t friends on Facebook, and I’ve tried to go back and find the post and have been unable. However it cropped up, I’m extremely grateful it did. After reading it over, I knew I wanted to talk with them. I reached out to the castle facebook page, and they agreed to be on the show.

The resiliency and determination they have for life and following their dream is something we can all learn from. Stefanie’s courage to fight and push forward despite having been horrifically burned in an explosion at the castle is breath taking.

Stefanie recently wrote in response to the photo on the right, “Today (after some tears). No makeup, no hiding. Yes, I have scars on 70% of my body – but that means I’m alive – that means I have skin!”

Yes! The truth is we all have scars, whether physical or emotional. We all have to come to terms with them and find a way to move forward in our lives. We also have to know what we’re fighting for. The right mix of wanting to fight for ourselves, our dreams, to serve others (and God if that’s your belief), and to be with our loved ones is the recipe.

In the case of Stefanie and Rasmus, I love what she said in the interview. Strip it all away, she just wants to be outside with her family. The is her fundamental life priority. That is worth fighting for! Also, how cool was their logo and mission? Earn! Learn! Give!

The Logo of the Castello Di Ristonchi is motivational. It stands for Earn, Learn, and Give. This amazing couple will not give up on their dream!

It is the perfect mix of understanding that life is better lived if we don’t just focus on ourselves, but dedicate a large portion on our energy on blessing the lives of others. I’m telling you, if I didn’t have a family of 5 kids, I would pack up right now and find a way to get to the Castello Di Ristonchi, no travel restrictions could stop me! I want to experience first hand everything about that castle and everything they’re doing.

Please consider supporting this business by buying their natural products HERE. Also by planning events at the castle as soon as it is possible to do so. Thank you Stefanie and Rasmus for your amazing work and determination!

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